Radioforo: Catatumbo: Threat of the black gold

If the mining companies have their way, the Catatumbo region, located in the north of Columbia, will be supplying 800,000 tons of coal each year. The coal will be shipped in large part to Hamburg, since Germany is the second largest consumer of Columbian coal. The local small farmers and indigenous communities are not at all happy with this prospect. Their territories and protected natural areas are being threatened and they fear another forced evacuation from their lands.

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Radio Foro: Latin America and Europe: The Alternative Summit

Prior to the official summit convened by European and Latin American state representatives, which began on May 17th in Madrid, activists and NGO groups met at the „Linking Alternatives“ summit. The participants spoke out against a Europe characterized by war and capitalism. This was the fourth Linking Alternatives summit to take place while the officialEU and Latin American summits were convening. In 2004, the alternative summit took place in Guadalajara (Mexico), 2006 in Vienna, 2008 in Lima (Peru), and May of 2010, it took place in Madrid.

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Brussels Nights: The world in crisis and alternative pathways (during AEPF8)

BRUSSELS NIGHT - The world in crises and alternative pathways

Analysts and commentators from around the world discussed with AEPF participants the multiple-crisis and ways out from the current failing development models.

Videos: Policy Dialogue on Trade (Brussels)

Policy Dialogue on Trade - 4 October 2010 Brussels



- Peter Berz (EU Commission Deputy Head of Unit for relations with South Asia, Korea and ASEAN)

- Charles Santiago (MP Malaysia/MSN)

- Ranja Sangupta (Third World Network)

- Oliver Moldenhauer (Médecins Sans Frontières)


Radio Foro: Interview with Laura Rangel from RECALCA

We had a conversation with Laura Rangel from the Colombian Alliance against Free Trade, RECALCA.

Laura Rangel describes her government as corrupt. The EU sits at the same table with a president who is oppressing and disappearing people. These human rights abuses, she says, are conducted in the interests of large European companies. Rangel refutes the argument that Columbia has become safer under Uribe and that the country is in a process of democratization which should be supported by the EU.

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Radio Foro: On the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)

The sixth summit between representatives of the European Union and Latin American and the Caribbean was held in Madrid in the midst of the continuing effects of the (economic) crisis.

Following the substantial panic in the financial sector which rose out of the Lehmann Brothers incident, the economic collapse in Greece has emerged at the forefront of European current events. The millions of euros spent in rescue packages have not seemed to make much of a dent in resolving their astronomical debts. In this vein, outcome for Portugal and Spain is still uncertain.

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