Radioforo: Catatumbo: Threat of the black gold

If the mining companies have their way, the Catatumbo region, located in the north of Columbia, will be supplying 800,000 tons of coal each year. The coal will be shipped in large part to Hamburg, since Germany is the second largest consumer of Columbian coal. The local small farmers and indigenous communities are not at all happy with this prospect. Their territories and protected natural areas are being threatened and they fear another forced evacuation from their lands. The defense attorney Judith Maldonado from the legal collective Luis Carlos Pérez and local farmer Gilma Rosa Tellez Carrascal from the organization ASCAMCAT report on the latest developments in the region.

Beitrag: Bettina Hoyer und Claudia Uzcategui

English translation: Rebecca Ellis
Voice Over: Rebecca Ellis


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