Debating Europe "For a just EU investment policy"

Watch the heated debate among representatives from the European Commission, the Belgium government and civil society on the issue of EU Investment policy.



The agenda of Investment issues has currently acquired a high political profile in the Europe Union (EU), where under the Lisbon Treaty, competency for investment shifted from the member states to the EU level. Investment is increasingly promoted as a development tool by the EU and its member states. At the same time, there is a growing international recognition that business activities, in particular those of powerful transnational investors, can have serious and far-reaching effects on human rights and sustainable development.

For two hours, a heated debate took place among panellists who discussed the current EU investment policy as well as alternatives policy proposals to the current Member States Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) model. A well-informed audience also raised questions on key issues of concerns such as the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism and the fact that EU BITs do not provide enough policy space for countries to regulate in public interest.


• Mr Leopoldo Rubinacci, Head of Unit, Services and investment (B1), DG Trade, European Commission

• Mr. Pascal Buffin, Belgian representative in the Trade Policy Committee, European Council

• Mr. Marc Maes, 11.11.11


• Juliane von Reppert Bismarck, EU trade correspondent, Reuters