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Policy Brief: Why EU–Colombia/Peru Free Trade Agreements should not be ratified

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Time for Europe to put values and human rights above commercial advantage

Published by TNI - March 2011

Over 200 civil society organisations and the International and European Trade Union Confederations are opposing the EU-Colombia/Peru FTA because it will:

  • Reward a Colombian government responsible for the highest level of trade unionist assassinations worldwide and ongoing disappearances and forced displacement.
  • Expand investment in areas of mining and biofuels, which the European Commission’s (EC) own evidence suggests will incre

The Second Conquest: The EU Free Trade Agreement with Colombia and Peru // by Thomas Fritz, Oct 2010

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Author: Thomas Fritz
Publisher: FDCL-Verlag, Berlin

Cover photo: Miguel Araoz, Quisca producciónes, Peru / Protests agains high food prices in Cuzco (Peru), December 2008.

EU Investment Briefing: Change EU investment policy - now is the time!

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Published by Seattle-to-Brussels network (S2B)

January 2011

Political Dynamics of Land-grabbing in Southeast Asia: Understanding Europe's Role

Research Impact Studies

by Jun Borras and Jennifer Franco

January 2011


Land-grabbing is occurring at a significant extent and pace in Southeast Asia; some of the characteristics of this land grab differ from those in regions such as Africa. At a glance, Europe is not a high profile, major driver of land-grabbing in this region, but a closer examination reveals that it nonetheless is playing a significant role. This influence is both direct and indirect, through European corporate sector and public policies, as well as through multilateral agencies within which EU states are members. Looking at some of the cases of large-scale land acquisition in Southeast Asia, and the role played by the European Union, we put forward several observations and issues for discussion.

European retailers: threatening livelihoods in India

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EU Observer - 04.10.2010 

EUOBSERVER / COMMENT - The role of major supermarkets like Tesco in wiping out small retailers across Europe is well known. Now the giants have India in their sights. For a country in which small-scale retail employs 33 million people, but where retail Goliaths are already forcing small businesses to shut up shop, what kind of impact will this have?

Bittersweet: A Briefing Paper on Industrial Sugar Production, Trade and Human Rights in Cambodia

Research Impact Studies

Published by: Bridges across Border Cambodia, Transnational Institute

September 2010